Black Only Leather Restoration Re-Dye and Repair-A-Tear Kit


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Black Leather and Vinyl Repair kit…Introducing Doc Bailey’s Black only Leather Restoration Re-dye and Repair Kit For the first time ever, a do it yourself kit to Re-dye and restore all BLACK leather. It actually restores the factory dye, restores all Black Leather and Vinyl to its original beauty. The kit comes with the Black topcoat Dye and an AIR DRY tear repair compound. included in this kit is the World’s First true Leather repair kit. Our New incredible AIR dry formula makes fixing cracks, tears, scratches and burns easy. As simple as filling the hole with our special Black R3 air dry compound, Place our special graining paper over repair and let dry. No Heat Required. Making a strong permanent repair. Then as a finishing touch add the black color dye over the repair to blend and make the repair virtually invisible. Designed to restore lost color with a Specially formulated Permanent leather dye just like the leather dye that the factory uses originally, remember the cow didn’t come that color you can fix it.

Restore color to black Leather and Vinyl. Will not Bleed. Permanent Urethane dye.

Excellent for Jackets, Furniture, boots, shoes, Car interiors anything leather or vinyl. Old faded, worn, cracked, scratched. it restores them all. And to make the restoration kit complete,
Finally a repair kit that really works and is easy to use.

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